So it is early and I am up.  My prayer for the last few months has been that God would wake me up and not allow me to find sleep again………… I can force myself to get up and pray and spend time with Him.  Low and behold………………….I cannot sleep past 5:30 any more!  Prayer answered!  However most mornings in my selfishness I am annoyed that sleep doesn’t find me when I roll over!

I truly am grateful that I have been consistent with my morning quiet times.  I hope that it will just become such a part of my life, that it will be second nature to me and that “finding time” won’t be an excuse any more.

This is what I am focused on praying for right now:

1.) Bryan- That God would use him at his office to show the love of Christ to his coworkers.  That God would bless our marriage and show me more ways to make Bryan feel loved and valued. 

2.)Me- That I would not let me face turn from God during the day.  That every word I speak would be pleasing to God, That I would display God to my children in a way that they can understand, that I would use my time wisely, that I would be open to hearing and seeing what God is calling me to do, that the scriptures I read in the morning would penetrate my heart and that I would remind myself of them throughout the day

3.)Emma- That she would have a desire to grow in her walk with God, that her focus in school would be strong, that she will hold her tongue when she wants to lash out at a sibling, that she will make good choices during the day, that God will show me ways to make her feel special today, that the scriptures we are memorizing together would be hidden in her heart forever

4.)Evelyn-That she will come to learn that she needs Jesus as her savior, that she will find more confidence in her schoolwork, that I will find time to spend with her on on one today showing her how special she is to me, that she will not loose her temper with her brothers and say hateful things, that God would bless our efforts in school and that Evie will blossom with reading soon, that Evie would be a kind friend to neighbors and her family

5.)Zeke- That he will come to learn that he needs Jesus as his savior, that I will focus on cuddling him today and using many words directed at him that will make him feel proud, that I will have patience with him during school, that he will grow in his desire to learn, that he will make good choices and be a good example to Eli, that he will know that he was chosen by us and God to be apart of our family, prayer for his birth family at the holidays-that they will be blessed as they remember him

6.)Eli- That he will come to learn that he needs Jesus as his savior, that I will have ENDLESS patience today, that I will see every good thing he does so I can praise him for it, that he will pause and think before he does something only my sweet eli would do, that God will speak to his heart and direct him to make better choices, that he will feel how much I love him today, that my tone of voice would always remain calm and sweet toward him, that he will learn to ride his bike without training wheels soon…………… he can show the neighborhood meanies that he is not a “baby” 🙂

7.)Everett-That he will come to learn that he needs Jesus as his savior, that his tremors and other odd symptoms would be healed, that he will not need therapy long term, that when we get a diagnosis we will know how to deal with it, that God will show us wisdom in seeking a diagnosis, that his symptoms will be caught on video tape so the drs can see it clearly, that God will give me patience for him just simply being “2”, that he will know that he is the most precious thing!

Here is the scripture I am working on memorizing:

“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” -Ephesians 4:29

Today on our agenda:

We are homeschooling on the road today.  I am packing up all our books and the kids are going to do their work while I decorate for our M.E.N.D. Christmas ceremony……………should be interesting!

Love to all of you!

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