My hubby is off playing cards…………I am so grateful that he is having a fun “man time”……………but it leaves me here………..bored.

So here I am dumping my thoughts to you.  (Whoever you are.)   I read my “stats” today on my blog and it said I had 400+ views.  WHAT?  I don’t know even half that many people!  I am amazed that anyone is interested in our daily life!  It is a bit strange to put your thoughts down and not really know who is reading! 

I have kinda  been having a hard stretch lately.  I feel like I am “off” somehow.  I feel behind in my homeschooling, housework, friendships, journaling, etc, etc.  I am not sure what jolt I need to get back in the swing of things.  Suggestions????  There is never enough hours in my day to accomplish things.  I need to make more detailed lesson plans.  I need to map out the rest of our school year so I know what I need to focus on more.  Homeschooling is all consuming to my days, thoughts, and just about everything!  I never doubt our decision to embark on this journey—I am just still trying to fit our lives around it.

I cannot believe it is already December 9th!  Santa better get wrapping around here, or no sleep will find me on Christmas Eve!  At least it is not my job to put things together!  I always get a kick out of Bryan, up till the wee hours, putting things together, refusing to read instructions.

Am I rambling yet??? 

Please continue to pray for my sister Lisa.  We are still waiting on her genetic testing results.  They should be in any day now.  We are hoping for a positive result so her treatment options will be very clear.  I will keep you posted. 

I am mapping my day out tomorrow.  Wednesdays are my hardest days.  We have Everett here all day.  So………..he is our helper at school. (which basically means we are all going nuts)  We start our day a bit early around 7:30.  We try to get Lang. Arts, Math, Bible, and Science done before lunch.  We leave here at 11:30 to go to Spanish and art class.  Eli, the baby, and I have 2 hours to kill between Emma’s Spanish and dropping the other two off with Emma for art.  It is HELL for me.  Every Wednesday on the way home from it I wonder why I am doing this!!!!  I quickly remind myself that it is a temporary sacrifice.  In a few years they will all be old enough to be dropped off for a class or two.  So we come home at 2:30.  Put the cranky baby down…………….and wrap up our school day.  I usually finish up our school “to-dos” around 4:30.  I then collapse on the couch for 20 minutes and then whip up a masterpiece dinner for my hubby.  ( ya know the one-the hubby that rates my meals on a scale of 1-10, the one that wont eat any meal more than 4 times in his life-no joke, anyways…that is a blog entry in itself)

Can I say that I dread Wednesdays???  Maybe if I went into it with a better attitude the outcome would be better?  Lets try that:

Tomorrow is going to be a fabulous day!! The best day ever!!  I am so honored to have a two year old throw things at me while I teach my other children.  I love watching The Wiggles 3 times in a row in a parking lot while my kids are “socialized”.  I can’t wait to embark on tomorrow—–lets try to stay in that frame of mind, shall we?  I will report back how long this concept of positive thinking lasts!

Love to ya!


  1. MOM


  2. Olivia

    So, how was wednesday????????? Can’t wait to hear! I think the same thing each Tuesday as I leave Aqua therapy and wonder “WHY are we doing this exactly???” heeheee! Hope your days are filled with special little glimpses of God!

    Love, Olivia


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