I have just finished one of our hardest mornings of school.  There is not a specific reason that it seems hard.  Maybe it is a combined effort of all 4 of them to whine at once.  Maybe it is because we started off with math today for Emma—not her favorite subject.  Maybe it is because my kids are so OBSESSED with their Nintendo Ds’s that Santa brought that all their focus is on when they can run off and warp more brain cells on Mario Brothers.  Maybe it is because I did not have time to pray this morning and open God’s word, so I am not “filled with the spirit”.  Maybe it is because Everett destroyed Emma’s glasses and we had to go put an order in to replace them this morning.  Maybe it is because I swore to my hubby that I would exercise with him tonight.  Maybe it is because Bryan told me that the day I spent cleaning two days ago was wasted since our house was not picked up this morning.  Patience is non-exsisting for me today.  Can you tell??  🙂  I am determined to let it end here……as I type this out.

So here I am…….typing to you…………hoping that patience is a CHOICE I can make after lunch.  I know that there are going to be hard days like this for us as we home school.  I just wish I didn’t feel so defeated by them!!  Emma told me to have a time out and drink a coke.  🙂

I need to hold every thought captive and not let myself go down all the paths that my thoughts are trying to wander to.  (Will the boys ever WANT to read?  Will it ALWAYS be this hard?   Where are all the ‘fun” things that I dreamed of doing with the kids?  ETC)

So Lord, here it is, I am laying it down right now.  Forgive me for trying to lean on my own self this morning, never once asking for Your help.  Forgive me for my tone of voice with my children.  Forgive me for letting Satan steal my joy this morning.  Thank you that your mercies are new every day.  Thank you that I can come and be forgiven and start fresh.  Thank you for loving me despite my unlovable nature.  Thank you for entrusting me with so many precious children.  Give me wisdom to teach them.  Show me when they need pushing and when I need to back way off.  Thank you for the sense of peace I already feel.  Bless my friends that read this and show them your unfailing love today.  Amen.

Well, I fell better.  Thank you for reading and joining me in prayer!

If any of you homeschooling mommas can encourage or have any bright ideas, they are very much needed and welcomed. 

Have a blessed day.  I will hopefully have a much “lighter and brighter” post later and will be able to share about how God turned our day around.  Love you!

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