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So I am just sitting here praying and teasing God that when I get to heaven I want to see the storage room that has my name on it where he collected all my tears!  Here is the scripture: 

“Record my lament;
       list my tears on your scroll 
       are they not in your record?”

Psalm 56:8

My commentary in my bible also leads me to Matthew 10:30.  “And even the very hairs on your head are numbered.”  It then goes on to talk about how nothing happens to a sparrow apart from God’s will and that God values us so much more than a sparrow.  So all this leads me, and forces me, to remember that I am precious and valuable to God…..that he knows my everything…..my deepest thoughts.  My prayers are most certainly heard.  The situation I am facing is not one that needs an answer from God really.  I just need God to meet me in my brokenness.  I need Him to restore my spirit.  I need to be reminded through scripture of His promises.

Thank God it is Easter time.  This is such a great time in the life of a believer.   Easter is the fulfillment of all of God’s promises.  Easter promises me that because Jesus died and rose again, that by my believing that I too can live.  I was listening to a praise song where they were talking about the sting of death being gone with Jesus.  How true!  Thank God death is not the end! 

We have been gathering all of the kids Easter outfits.  Not an easy task mind you.  Especially when you factor in that I would like all 5 of them to blend in the pictures.  🙂 Easter outfits always make me get teary.  All those little girls in all the frills.  When I was pregnant with Laney my mom bought her this light green satin dress.  It was the fanciest thing I had ever seen made that tiny!  I am going to search and try to find a picture of Emma in it.  When I dressed Emma in it I was so overcome with gratefulness.  I spent many nights in the nursery crying, clinging to her clothes, praying that God would heal my hurt.  That dress was one of my favorites, so seeing Emma in it was confirmation that God had answered my prayers.  I always tell Emma that when I hold her I get to hold her sister in a way…….because they are apart of each other. 

Post from today:

As I went back and read what I wrote I was just thinking that God has already answered my prayers!  It made me so grateful to see where I was just a few days ago and then to see where I am today.  Easter helped.  It always does.  Thank you for your prayers! 

We are swamped around here!  We are getting ready to go to Irving this Thursday night!  YEA!  I get to see some of my sweet family.  I have the MEND leadership conference in Irving, so we get to also take advantage of staying with Jen and her family through Sunday.  Thursday is also our 10 year wedding anniversary!  Jen is going to keep the kids on Saturday night so we can go to dinner ALONE!  Fun stuff!  Lately I have been reminded how lucky I am to have the family that I do.  Bryan and I both know that we live in a world that our “normal” family is no longer the “norm”.  Isn’t that sad?  Praise God that our kids have such a great, stable example of family life through my extended family.  We are so blessed!  We love you all so very much.

I have many pictures to upload, but NO energy to do it.  I will try to find some time tomorrow.  The pics include our trip to TX Childrens Hospital for Everett’s upcoming surgery, Easter, schooling, transracial adoption bbq, and much more!  🙂

Have a blessed night-Brandy

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