Happy 10th Anniversary!

Hi Brandy.  Happy 10th Anniversary.


Ten days ago I started a daily countdown on my Facebook status to today.  I never intended to countdown when I started, but when I posted Nine, I couldn’t stop. 


So during the last 10 days I have been wondering what I could possibly do to make our 10th anniversary worthy of a daily countdown.  I have Googled “10th Anniversary Gift”, searched the forums for ideas and asked friends of course.  Would you believe that the traditional gift for a 10 year anniversary is actually Tin?  Papa has been right all along about getting you tin-foil!


How about a diamond ring?  A vacation?  A photo montage set to “our song”?

Those do sound great and I would give you the world if I could…but I have to be honest – you deserve more.


So before I give you a diamond ring or a vacation or anything else 😉 – I’ve decided to make my first entry on your blog.  What better way to tell you and the world (or whoever reads this blog) how much I love you. 




Almost 12 years ago, on October 25, 1997 I met you.  I know you remember my red sweater.  I remember your wings ;-).  For those of you wondering, it was a Halloween party.  I was a scrooge and chose not to dress as something silly, just myself.  Brandy was either an Angel or a Fairy.  Either one, I was totally love struck with my head in the clouds. 


Over the next few weeks we fell in love.  Though I will admit, you fell first :-).  Do you remember telling me that I was “the one” you were going to marry?  I think it was within 3 days of knowing you! Well, you knew something, because 18 months later we were married: April 16, 1999.


That day you were the most beautiful creature(I know you like that word) I had ever seen.  You were literally glowing when you came down the isle of Whites Chapel.  I can remember reciting our vows as we looked intently in

each other’s eyes.   The tears of happiness and excitement for what God had

in store for us could not be held back.  I loved you so much then.  I love you more today.


They say that the first year of marriage is the most difficult, and I think that you would agree with me that it was no different for us….maybe even more difficult than others.  That year we saw the highest of emotions when we found out that you were pregnant, the trial of being bedridden, and the defeat of losing our precious Laney.  It really was the best of times and the worst of times.


That year brought us closer together…  Laney brought us closer together…

God brought us closer together.  Through Laney, our marriage became stronger and we had faith in God like we had never had before.  I loved you so much then.  I love you more today.


The next couple of years brought Emma and Evelyn, 2001 and 2002 respectively.  Every time I think about their births, I am amazed at God and His creation.  It really, truly, absolutely blows my mind.  I was amazed by your strength, endurance and dedication to lay in bed for 8 months to keep our children safe in your womb.  You are just an awesome mom.  I loved you so much then.  I love you more today.


Now in 2003, our hearts were opened to adoption.  We were promised Isaiah, and God delivered.  How awesome was that day?  We got the call and I left work around 4:30, drove across Houston to the east side, bought a car seat at a Wal-Mart across the street from the hospital, and picked up a 6 day old precious baby boy all by myself.  Can you say dad-of-the-year?  Bringing Isaiah home to you was one of the scariest(in a good way) days of my life.

He was so perfect.  You were already a perfect mom for him.  But 5 days later, CPS called us and admitted a mistake on their part, and we had to let Isaiah go.  God was once again showing us something that we couldn’t see.  I know now.  And I know that our marriage became stronger and we had faith in God like we had never had before.  I loved you so much then.  I love you more today.


Soon after Isaiah came Alexa, Alezay and Eli.  5 kids at one time: all 3 and under.  And though Alexa and Alezay were not permanent in our lives, they will always be remembered.  You were the perfect mom for them at the perfect time.  They may not remember you, but I know your impact is forever.


And what can I say about our boys?  Eli, Zeke and Everett may not have the same skin color and we do, but there is no doubt that we are their mommy and daddy.


So, here we are 10 years later and we have had 9 kids.  God help me if He has plans to make it 10 in 10 🙂 – but let’s just say this:  Even though by appearance, we are the family with all the kids, I do not consider our marriage to be defined by them.  Our marriage is defined by God, His Purpose and our Love.


Man, after 15 paragraphs, I still feel like my words are inadequate.  Just know this: My love for you is immeasurable.


Happy 10th Anniversary.



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  1. Olivia

    What a beautiful tribute to 10 years! It’s it amazing to look back and realize all that you have come through as a couple. God is so good to have brought the two of you together! Praise God!

    I remember coming over to your house a couple days after Laney was born. You guys are amazing how you have stood together, laid yourselves in His arms, and shared your lives with so many!

    I continue to pray for your family. I love the look to the blog!! Very cool!

    Blessings! Love, Olivia


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