God is moving

God has been moving in Bryan and my heart over the last few weeks.  Go ahead and take a deep breath………………because we are praying about adding more children to our brood!  I know that most of you would not be surprised by that.  We are though–we really had felt like we were full and “done”.  I have had many moments of feeling overwhelmed this year.  I swore that I could not handle anything else on my plate!  I am really shocked at how quickly thoughts and perceptions change.  I am even more shocked at how God moved my heart AND Bryan’s heart at the same time.  (usually he is the one that brings me back out of the clouds)

Even this last week God has really impressed on our hearts what we need to do.  Our FIRST step and goal is to parent the kids we already have better.  This is a MUST before we add more kids to the mix.  Until we both feel that we are better at meeting the needs of our 5 kids, we will not move forward.  Who knows how long this will take…….a month, a season, a year, or 5 years.  We both know and express that our first priority is to the kids already in our house.  So………….having said that………………please know that we are not acting hastily!  We are praying that we will honor God in all that we do as parents.  No easy task mind you!

This is how I plan to slowly move forward:

1.)  Be more disciplined in my own life.  (organization, exercising, spiritual growth)

2.)  Plan for the next school year over the summer so that I can just teach next year and not waste time planning each day.

3.)  Slowly get our training hours updated with our agency…..this will take some time.

4.)  Continue to pray over the children on TARE (texas adoption resource exchange) every Monday. 

5.)  Meet our financial goals.  We love Dave Ramsey and are so grateful to “act our wage”.  We will need to save to pay cash for a larger vehicle for me and our growing brood.  Bryan will get the hand-me-down Suburban.  (God bless your sacrificial heart babe)  It will take some time to meet this goal and find a used Dodge Sprinter or 10-12 passenger van.  Can’t you just picture this!  HA!

6.)  Prayer, prayer, prayer……………and then even more prayer. 

I am excited to see what happens.  I have such a heart for foster care.  I am actually hoping to foster first.  We only have one open spot in the legalities of foster care.  We are licensed up to 6 children for foster care.  Once we adopt again we can never do foster care again because we would be over the limit.  We fostered 4 children that are no longer with us……Isaiah, Alexa, Alezay, and Deandre.  I am finally brave enough to put pics of them out in my house.  That will show you how hard it was to loose them.  Having said that the experience  was such a joy.  I only was heartbroken because they brought us joy.  I also prayed that God would give me compassion for the birth parents regardless of the situation.  “Ask and it shall be given unto you”……………..lets just say that God answered that prayer.  The DA said that she had never seen an interaction like ours with Karissa (Zeke and Everett’s birthmom).  I can truly say that I love her.  I think of her often.  I just know that not everyone can do foster care and we can.  Though it will be hard, I am so excited.

After we foster again and I feel like God is closing that door, we can move on to adoption.  We legally can adopt as many waiting children as we want.  There are no limits as long as the state feels like we have the stability and income to support it.  My “crazy number” has always been 6 kids. It is funny because I just recently feel in love with a sibling group of 4.  They are no longer available and I am praising God that they did find their forever family. 

Please support us in this.  All we are doing now is becoming better parents to the 5 kids God has already given us.  I am excited to tell you all the ways that God is going to move in our family……………..join us in praying that God will honor of efforts and that our kids will know that we so desperatly love them and want to do right by them.

If you have ever considered loving on waiting children and have questions please feel free to contact us through email at digitalnacl  [at] yahoo.com.  Lets go forth and save all the kids in region 6! 🙂

It is a fun feeling to think that we could be “expecting”.  We are “expecting” God to meet us in our need and we are thrilled.  Maybe there is a baby on the way…………..or a toddler……………………or a child or two.

Off to love on the kids God has already blessed us with!!!


  1. Robyn

    I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.!

  2. John Durham

    Bryan and Brandy,
    Just know that the Durhams FULLY support any direction God may be leading you in. He is not a logical God and He really can’t be second guessed nor completely understood (Romans 11:33) – so I am not surprised at all that He is calling you toward something that might seem unreasonable to others. But your number priority is listening to His voice and following His commission for your lives.
    So sorry that my Chicago trip made me miss time with you guys. But we were honored to share a house of 12 together on your 10th Anniversary. How romantic!
    I love you guys – – all of you and count it a blessing from God to be your brother in law.


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