Homeschool Curriculum plans for 2009-2010

One of my favorite things about homeschooling in Texas is the freedom to choose any curriculum you want  for your children.  After hours and hours online I have finally decided what our plans are for next year.

First Grade-Evelyn, Ezekiel, and Eli

My Father’s World-     Bible, Language Arts

Alpha Omega Lifepac-     Math

Story of the World-Year One-Ancients-    History

All About Spelling

First Language Lessons and Writing With Ease–Level One–     Grammar

Science–Well Trained Mind recommendations–  20 weeks animals, 10 weeks human body, 10 weeks plants

The Famous Artists–  This is a course they will go to on Wednesdays at West Houston Home Educators


Third  Grade–Emma

Shurley English—  Grade 3

Writing With Ease and First Language Lessons–  Grammar–continuing from this year

All About Spelling

My Father’s World—   Bible, Geography

Story of the World—Year Two—-  History

Science—-  Well Trained Mind recommendations–  Earth Science

Alpha Omega Lifepac—   Math

Spanish—  This will be taken at WHHE

The Famous Artists—–  This will be taken with her siblings at WHHE


Now all I have to do is track all of this stuff down online.  I am really excited to get started.  We are planning on schooling year round and giving ourselves the freedom to take time off as needed throughout the year.  This means that we will not start in September.  After we finish this years goals it is on to next year. 

We will be more relaxed during the summer and will probably school about 3 days a week.

Off to get started on the weekend……………………..


  1. mom

    Girl i am so proud of you !!

    You are a amazing woman !!!

    My grandkids are going to be so smart !!

    luv luv, mom

  2. Olivia

    pretty cool – I know a lot of work goes into that! We just selected the curriculum for our school. I think that was the main reason I needed a UMS – to help with selecting the curriculum and keeping us on track! You go girl! I can’t wait to hear how you are doing! Love, Olivia


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