Just a quick update—-

We are VERY busy right now.  School is still an ongoing process for us.  We are finishing up some things, starting some new things, and ordering curriculum (too much of it I might add).

I mentioned a few posts ago that we felt the Lord leading us to foster care again.  We are excited, but know that there are some areas in our life that we have to get a better hold on before we add our 6th (YES–that is not a typo) child.  I just ordered a book called Managers of Their Homes.  I found it on a link from the Duggars website.  It is a book to help homeschooling moms schedule their time.  I am speed reading it and am so grateful for this resource.  It is a HUGE answered prayer and I am praying over the next week as I make the schedule that I would only be doing things that God is calling us to do.

We also have some financial goals we are working on.  These goals are not a factor that has to be completed before the next blessing comes, but it is something that will continue through May of 2010.  We are HUGE Dave Ramsey fans.  After listening for years and practicing most of his principles (being debt free and cash for everything), we are finally committed 100% to the “baby steps”.  We are saving a big sum every month over the next 11 months to reach our goal.  Next summer we will have our 6 months of expenses in savings, our investment fund to a happy amount, and have cash to buy a used Dodge Sprinter!  Yes!!  I am thrilled!  I will say that it is HARD being this disciplined.  We know the reward will be great and next summer we will rejoice when we reach these goals.  So next summer we will have the car that seats 12!  Bring on the kids!!!!!! (God willing of course )  We have one spot in our Suburban for our next blessing, so we can foster while we attain these goals.  Please pray for us that we will be obedient.  We both signed a contract that we wrote up holding us to this promise.  I highly recommend to everyone to read Dave’s books and listen to him on talk radio.  It truly is life changing.

We are working diligently this summer getting everything organized in our life.  Now that my curriculum is here I am reading it and making lesson plans.  I want to have the whole year mapped out on paper prior to our next placement.

Bryan and I are sitting through 3 days of training to get our license updated again this month.  We have been licensed with the state for over 6 years now!  We have taken a break since we got our boys over 2 years ago to bond with them and finalize the adoption.

On paper we will be ready to go by July potentially, but we will hold off until we have checked all this stuff off.  We want to enjoy the summer and have so many fun things planned.

I am off to start some dinner.  I will try to update more often…………I have the sweetest pictures of Evelyn’s garden.  We ate the first zucchini last night and have one to harvest today.  I am so proud of her!



  1. Olivia

    Sounds exciting! Yes, Dave Ramsey is our hero too! Thank goodness we started following his plan and were able to weather Joshua’s medical issues. A sprinter?? Oh my! Exciting! Do you need a special licensee to drive it?? haha!

    I was driving home last night from church and I realized I probably have never told you, but every week I pass the cemetery where Laney is buried I think of you guys and her and say a prayer!

    You are wonderful examples and such a blessing! I look forward to introducing you to our foster daughter!

    Blessings sweet friend, Olivia

  2. Brandy (Post author)

    I don’t think I need a special license, but I could be wrong! I have a hard time backing out in the Suburban. I am sure the Sprinter will force me to take the last parking place so I can back it out!

    Thank you for your prayers! It really means so much to me that 9 years later you still remember. The last 6 months have been a bit hard with grief. I guess it will come in waves forever. I am dreading her 10th birthday. A decade is too long to be without her!! I just hold fast to the truth that I will spend eternity with her. Thank you for honoring her and praying for us.

    And YES………….I need to meet your new baby girl!! Call me soon so we can set up a time.



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