I realized this morning that I better start knocking out my summer to do list before June comes and goes!!!!!   I have to admit that not having the burden of school every day with the kids is a welcomed break.  We are doing some math and lang arts a few times a week while Everett naps, but it is a much lighter load.  I am thrilled with our choices for next years curriculum.  I have days and days of work to get it all lined up for our first day of school.  I also am going to work my sister to death with helping me when she comes.  (thank you Jen)  If you remember from a previous post I intend to have a years worth of lesson plans prior to our foster care placment coming.  I am thinking that it may be a hard goal to reach!  I still have some things to buy and need to get on that too.

Bryan and I are knee deep in our annual trainings to get our foster care license current again.  We did our CPR/First Aid and medication trainings this week.  Bryan was a trooper.  It is hard to go straight from work to a 2 hour training!  Next Saturday we take our final class.  All that is left is a current fire inspection.  I plan on having that done in early July!  For those of you that are praying for us as we move forward………here are our specific requests:

1.)  That we would have wisdom in our specifications for our agency (age limits of kids, boy/girl/either, foster or adoption)

2.)  That our kids hearts will be open and ready to love on new kids.

3.)  Protection over the kids that are coming to join our household until they are here safely. (it always is a hard concept for me to wrap my brain around-that something bad or abusive has to happen to bring these sweet babies into our house)

4.)  That we will continue to trust God to provide for us as we become a family of 8! 

On to other things…………..

My sweet Emma is going to camp on Wednesday.  I am in TOTAL denial that it is coming this quickly!  This is the bravest thing I have done as a mom, and am still unsure that I can handle it.  She is thrilled and will have a blast.  I, on the other hand, will just have to trust God and let her go.  All my sweet friends from MEND can understand that this is a VERY hard thing to do for a momma that has a little one in heaven.  I like to watch them every second.  ( I do know and understand that I have no control……………but I still watch)  I know that God is going to grow us both over this next week.  More to come when she returns on Saturday.  Her Didi is coming to pack her today!

Well I am off to refill my coffee and do the 10 loads of laundry that are sorted and waiting for me.  I have had a few of you ask me what we go through in a typical day…………I am working on a list to share for fun.  (gallon of milk a day, loaf of bread a day, etc)  I just spent $550 at Costco and it will probably not even last us 2 weeks!!!  Bryan has our suburban in for some tune ups this morning  and I am praying that all goes smoothly with that!!  Oh-and we are almost 7 full weeks into our crazy budget.  I am so proud of us.  Only 10 and a half months left!! 

Love you all……………….have a blessed and joyful weekend!

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