I am finding it very hard to keep focused today……two reasons: election, and Lisa’s surgery tomorrow.

We got a late start on school this morning.  Zeke had his first eye exam, and I am happy to report that he has normal vision.  I was relieved ( we have 2 with vision problems and live at the eye dr already).  As sweet as Dr. Miller and his staff are………….I can think of other ways to spend my time.  Plus having 5 kids, me, and one dr in a tiny eye exam room is a bit nuts! 

Evelyn is reading words!  She read about 9 words yesterday.  I think I am more proud of that accomplishment than of any other right now.  When we felt God calling us to homeschool, I was so nervous!  I had no clue how to teach a child to read.  So, now that she is reading, I am breathing a sigh of relief.  I also am thanking God for the opportunity to teach her myself! 

Zeke is a bit behind her in the reading department.  Bryan works with him more at night.  His is more of a confidence issue.  I can’t wait to hear him sound out that first word.

Emma and I are studying the ancients right now.  We just constructed a model of the Nile.  It is a learning experience for both of us, but I am pleased to say that it is going so great.

Ok-to all my prayer warriors-I will really need you tomorrow.

We arrive for surgery at 8am.  We are praying that it is not found to be an invasive cancer. We also are praying that it is contained and that they get clear margins the first time.  (that just means that her surrounding breast tissue is free of cancer 1/2 inch from the tumor)  Also we are praying that her lymph nodes are cancer free.  I love my sister so very much.  Also pray that she will hold her thoughts captive and that she will be peaceful and spirit filled tomorrow.  Pray for all of us that will be in the waiting room, that we will honor God with how we deal with it.  Lastly, pray for her husband Todd.  The way he loves her is so precious to watch.  Pray that he will be strong and feel God’s peace.

Thanks in advance!  I will update tomorrow night.

Love ya!

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