High School Musical

I took my three oldest Emma, Evelyn, and Zeke to see High School Musical on Saturday with my friend Cece and two of her kids.  It still shocks me that I have kids old enough to want to see a movie that does not have animated creatures in it. 

During the movie Emma leaned over to me and said “Am I dreaming or am I really here?”  She is always that dramatic.  Whether good or bad emotions……….. it all comes out in some form of drama

When I asked her what her favorite part was in the car she said “the kissing part”.  I am a bit alarmed by that since we are not even 8 yet!  Yet another reason to be grateful for homeschooling!  🙂 

As I was watching the movie I got tickled thinking about how it is a shame we all don’t just break out into a song during our daily life.  I think I would be quite good at it!  :0)


  1. Lisa Johnson

    Yeah!! You started a blog!! You will probably do much better than I have been lately! 🙂 I need to hurry and get a new post up. I have lots of Halloween pictures to share!

  2. crista

    Oh dear! The kissing part! She’s a romantic.

    Brandy, I would pay money to see you break out in song. And dance.

    Love you!


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