So…..I find myself waiting on God again.  Anyone that knows me knows that I am NOT the most patient person.  So here we are waiting.  I am trying to wait patiently.  “Trying” is the key word there.  I know that I cannot rush God.  I also know that deep down I wouldn’t want to.  His timing is perfect.  So…………we are waiting.

I was trying to figure out how to explain the emotions of this adoption process.  I consider us “expecting”.  “The stick turned blue”.  The weird thing about this “expecting” is that I don’t know what we are having–boy or girl-one, two, or three kids!  How weird is that!  How fun too!  We are licensed with the state and are approved to adopt again.  We are submitting our home study all the time on many precious children.  This week alone we have sent our home study 3 times on 4 different children. (one is a sibling group)  We also have children that they have not selected the final 3 families yet. 

Every time we hear about a child we are thrilled.  I am honored to just simply pray for them.  “Praying them home” as I like to call it!  It helps to pray for them specifically and for the unknown adoptive family.  God knows who that is…………..I am so emotionally attatched to each child.  I wish I could put their names on here, but I know I can’t.  Sometime in the future I will be able to type on this blog that we have our new child/children.  How fun will that be?????!!!!!!!  Praise God!  I cannot imagine the amount of joy that will bring.  Just hearing the words “you were chosen as the family”.  Can’t really wrap my brain around it, but it is fun to think about.

It is strange to know and say out loud that if given the choice I would still grow our family this way.  If my body was somehow “fixed” and we could get pregnant tomorrow, I know that this route would bring us more joy.  It is so cool how God works!  Almost 10 years ago I was in a hospital bed sitting there empty handed.  I had just given birth to the most perfect, precious, tiny little girl.  Laney was so sweet and I sat in that bed unable to breathe and comprehend how a God that loved me could choose this path for me.  I think back to that day so often and remember saying out loud to God “How are you ever going to make this right”. 

Well I could type a thousand paragraphs on how He “made it right”.  He did!  Praise God!  His plan is perfect!  I see that now.  Over the last decade God has proven Himself faithful to us!   

Just wanted to give a quick update on where we stand in the process.  In less than 2 weeks some deadlines start to come on kids we have submitted on.  We will keep you posted!  Please, please, please pray for our sweet kids that are not here yet.  Pray for protection and health over them until they are safe with us.

Love you all! 


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