The meeting for the two girls is next Wednesday at 1:00.  (Jan 27th)  In one week we will know if these girls are our daughters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am speechless!  I will spend many moments praying for God’s plan for them and us in all this.  I am so excited that this is a possibility for us!  I cannot imagine the joy we will feel if we are selected!!!!!!!  I am feeling full of hope tonight!

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  1. Olivia

    WOW! We will be praying too for those sweet girls (and you guys too!)! Their picture is burned in my head and I just can’t help but smile when I think of them and the plans God has for them! What a blessing they will be if they are in your home! I am excited for you and I just don’t know how you contain your excitement and wait patiently on the Lord… a lesson I need to learn for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Blessings sweet friend!


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