Eli Clark Wilson–My Birthday Boy!



I cannot believe that my little man is 5.  5 seems so big to me. 

For those of you that don’t know how Eli came to us……………

We were licensed foster/adopt parents and had recently lost an adoptive placement, little Isaiah.  Devastated and desperate for another little boy to love we went to meet a little boy available for adoption.  His name was William.  He was a handicapped child, so we wanted to meet him first to see if his disability was something we felt like we could handle.

When we got to the foster home I immediatly scooped up William.  He was about 9 months old and blind in one eye and had severe cataracts in the other eye.  I cradled him and prayed that Bryan and I would be able to take him with us soon.  I was too blinded by my heartache over loosing Isaiah that I could not hear God’s voice. ( Nor did I want to really if it meant that I would have to wait longer for a child. )

Bryan was sweet with William.  He talked to him, and held him.  Bryan seemed preoccupied with another child.  His name was Cam’Ren.  He was about 9 months old.  He had on these white fluffy footed pjs and a head full of black whispy hair.  He had the biggest dark eyes I had ever seen.  I had to admit that he was too cute.  A sucker for any baby, I too was drawn to him. 

Bryan asked the foster parents what was the story behind Cam’Ren.  They told us that he was a temporary placement and would be reunited with family. 

We got in the car to head home.  The silence was long enough for me to know that Bryan was trying to come up with the right words to tell me that we would not be taking William.  I cried as he told me that it was not William.  I was so mad.  Here was a child that they would give us.  Today!  I was devastated.

After a longer silence he told me that he had a vision.  God had showed him in a quick flash that Cam’Ren was our son.  He pictured a huge….chubby….hawaiian looking teenager in our kitchen eating tons of food.  Of course, I thought he was nuts. 

Two days later…….  We got a call from our agency that William had been admitted to the hospital and would remain there for surgery.  His foster parents needed to find respite foster care for their other children.  Our agency called and asked if we could take in a little boy named “Cam’Ren”.  I almost dropped the phone.  I called Bryan and told him.  He told me with confidence that it would not be respite care.  That Cam’Ren would be ours.

It took almost 2 years to complete the adoption.  We had to start up visits with bio family.  At the end of our journey with Eli it was discovered that he was American Indian.  We then learned that his tribe, in another state, had more rights to him than we did.  (even though we had raised him for 2 years).  We got permission from the tribe to adopt.  The rest is history!

Eli asks us to tell him the story of how we found him.  We just say that when we first found him, God promised daddy that he was our little boy.  We tell him that out of all the boys in the world, God chose him for us.

He was adopted on October 25th, 2006. 

Eli has had us on a journey these last 4+ years.  I will track down some tell all pics and post during nap time. 

Thank God that His plan is better than what I could have chosen.  William was adopted by his foster family.  They felt like they were too old to raise another child, but then decided that they couldn’t live without their special boy.  Another example of how when we can’t see the bigger picture we should trust in Romans 8:28.

Happy Birthday Eli Clark!  We love and cherish you. 

more pics to come today………………..


**Pray for Eli’s birth mom today.  She is now 19.  Her name is Britney.  I hope that today as she remembers what she lost…..that she will be covered with God’s peace.  Also pray that God will bring someone into her life to share about the hope she can have with Jesus.  I hope that someday Eli will see her again and that she has a story of redemption for him.

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