Asking boldly!

SO……….many moons later, here I am posting!

We have still been submitting our homestudy on many, many, many children.  We are still being told “no”, “no”, “no”.  Hmmmmmm.

Right now I am looking at a sweet baby.  He is 8 months old…..and P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S!!!  We are providing respite foster care for him over the next 2 weeks.  We have provided care for him off an on over the last few months.  We also are in LOVE with him.  All seven of us too!  His attorney has been told that we would love to take him and his 2 year old brother if they become available for adoption.  His brother’s parental rights have already been terminated.  This sweet baby goes to court in July to have his rights terminated also.  The attorney is going to come and visit him here and meet us.  I know that if she comes here we have a GREAT chance of getting him.  I will pour my heart out to her!!! 

This is the same way we got our Ezekiel and Everett.  We got to know them by their foster mom(same as this babies too) and developed a bond.  When their case got to adoption prep, we were chosen.  We are hoping that the same thing will happen again.

So I am boldy praying that God will allow this to happen.  I am boldly praying that this is God’s will for us.  God already knows that I desire His will for us over anything I want, so I figure it won’t hurt to be honest and just pray what my heart already feels!  😉  Will you join us in this prayer–  That we will be shown favor in the eyes of the state and that these 2 boys would be ours???? 

People always say “you are such great people to do what you do”.  We actually tire of hearing it.  You know why???  We are NOT special!  We are sinful and selfish just like the rest of the world.  God has just opened our eyes to how precious EACH of these orphans is to Him.  THEY are the special ones……………………we are the ones that are blessed by having them…..not the other way around.  Won’t you open your heart to an orphan?  Google “waiting children in the US” and look into the eyes these children!!!!!  They truly are “precious in His sight”! 

I will keep you posted!  Love you all!


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