Faith to walk on the water

Back in January Bryan and I had fallen in love with a picture of two girls.  We had a 4-way approaching and our hearts were consumed with emotion as we awaited the decision.  It was a Friday evening.  That morning I had prayed that the Lord would reveal himself to me that day.  I was just feeling very fragile and I needed a sign that He DID have His hand in this adoption process.  I selfishly needed that tangible reassurance that we were walking down the right path.  The process is so emotionally draining that I felt like I could not continue!  I prayed “Lord please show me something today that will give me a peace to continue.”

We were on our way to eat dinner with some of our closest friends.  We were stopped at a gas station waiting in line at the diesel pump.  The man getting gas in front of us approached Bryan’s window.  He asked if he could pull up and park his car and come back and talk to us.  We agreed and looked at each other wondering what in the world he wanted.  We pulled up and started filling our car with gas.  This man introduced himself as Gentry.  He proceeded to tell us that his family was on the hunt to find a Sprinter. (our crazy big bus)  Anyone that has looked into purchasing this car knows that it is near impossible.  There is not ONE on any lot anywhere in the US.  (passenger one anyways)  Tracking one down is a feat in itself.  Bryan and Gentry were discussing how we found ours.

Bryan then offered for him to look inside.  Opening the door to the back and seeing the five smiling faces of our children led to a blessed discussion of adoption.  He seemed touched by that nature of our family and praised the Lord verbally at how blessed we were.  I mentioned that in a few days we would find out if we were going to get two more daughters.  The emotion and tears must have been obvious.  Gentry began quoting scriptures and telling of promises in the bible.  His eyes were piercing my heart and his words were EXACTLY what I needed to hear.  He told me about how much the Lord loves me and cares about my hearts desires.  He told me to pray boldly and ask the Lord to bless us.  He promised to pray for us with his wife.  The tears fell as the Lord used this stranger to speak truth to me…………………and answer the prayer that I prayed just a few hours earlier.  I wept all the way to our friends house.  I cried mainly because I was in awe at how much the Lord loves us!  I felt confident that whatever the outcome I could hold on to the peace that was given to me in that moment.

Well you know how that turned out.  We did not get those precious girls.  It was another loss for us and we our hearts did grieve for a season.  I still pray for those girls and their faces come to mind often.  I am grateful that they have a new family and are living out God’s plan for them.

We never heard from Gentry after the 4 way.  He never knew the outcome.  We had exchanged contact information.  Gentry had become tangible proof to us that we were on the right path.  His timing and words encouraged us to push on in this adoption journey.

Fast forward weeks later to last Friday.  Bryan and I were processing that another door had been opened.  We were at another approaching 4 way.  We were a bit confused that the Lord would open the door to a sibling group of not two but THREE!  We were pondering how that would work.  Bryan was a bit overwhelmed in the beginning with the details of 8 children.  We both agreed that we would be very blessed by it and that the Lord would provide all that we needed to embrace these children into our lives.  We were sitting at the table and I was talking with Bryan.   I just told him that we did not need to worry about the details that we would work them out.  I also encouraged him that we needed to have faith that if the Lord opened this door we needed to walk through it with confidence and excitement.  I reminded him of Jesus walking on the water and Peter needing the faith to step out of the boat and walk on the water.  I said something like “we just need to get out of the boat and walk on the water.”

I then went upstairs to clean up our school room.  As I was putting books back on the shelf I prayed that the Lord would give us a sign that this was indeed His plan for us.  That we would trust Him and that we would move forward with confidence and excitement.  A few minutes later Bryan came upstairs and said, “you will never believe who just left me a voicemail.”  It was Gentry.  We both looked at each other and KNEW that the phone calls timing was directly related to our discussion of God’s plan in our lives.  We called him back and had him on speaker phone.  (we knew that he had a word for us from the Lord and we both wanted to hear it!)

Bryan told Gentry that his timing was crazy.  He told him that we did not get the girls and that we once again were up for more children.  Gentry again quoted great scriptures.  The tears fell down my face as the Lord used this stranger again to minister to our hearts.  Then Gentry said something about faith and said “you need to have the faith to walk on the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  The sobs built to an uncontrollable level.  We looked at each other knowing that this was CRAZY!!  I fell to my knees in my school room and praised the Lord!

The coolest part is that Gentry and his wife live in OUR neighborhood.  They home school, have seven children, love the Lord…………………just basically are a great match for us to become great friends.  They came to our house that night and we had the best time.  Isn’t God great???

So you know the rest of the story.  We were chosen for these kids!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!  I cannot begin to tell you how full our hearts are. We both are in love with them!!  We are reading their file next Friday.  After that we can start the pre placement visits.  They could be in our home in about one month!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!

Please, please, please pray for them.  They will be shown our photo and lifebook soon.  Pray that they will find peace in our pictures.

The Lord is so good!  I am in awe at how blessed we are!!!!

Now on to more preperations!  More details to come soon!

God bless!


  1. Robyn

    I was reading this at the gym waiting for my step class to begin and I was totally starting to cry myself. Praise God!!! He is trurly a God that shows his love to his children. What a blessing!!!!!

  2. Olivia

    How amazing! Yes, God is SO good! Guess your blog needs to be changed to “10 Passengers”!


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