Happy Days

Sorry for not updating!  I feel like we are in a whirlwind.  There is so much on my plate right now that sitting down to type this out has been hard to do.  I also am struggling to find the words to say exactly how great it is going!

We have spent some time with our children.  We met them in their foster home, took them on an outing, and also had one day with them at the beach.  We are picking them up tomorrow for their first overnight visit.  We then will see them every Wednesday for dinner and have them on weekends.  They are planning a June placement.  Only a few more weeks until they are here forever!

So…..in between all of those visits I have been frazzled.  (making room for the newbies, finishing up our school year, ordering for the next school year, lesson plans, cleaning, shopping, organizing, and the list goes on and on!)  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Finally!  We are finished with school in one week.  PTL!   I have all of my curriculum for next year delivered.  The lesson plans for next year are getting put on paper–slowly, but surely!  The girls room is ready to welcome them.  The boy’s rooms are coming along. 

On to how the meeting went–

When we got to the street they lived on I texted my friend Jill and mentioned that I felt like I might throw up from nerves.  I was SO nervous!  I had played it out in my mind a thousand times, so the reality of it happening was overwhelming. 

When we walked in all my fears were erased.  They children welcomed us with excitement, smiles, and hugs.  Even the youngest one (refraining from names until given the ok to do so)  sat in my lap and let me hold her.  I just remember looking at them and feeling like they were meant to be mine right from the start.  I don’t know how to explain it except that God was there!  Even the CPS worker felt like it went very well!  PTL!  Leaving them was hard, but we were filled with excitement.  We were so grateful that it went well.

Our outing was a few days later.  We had our Eli with us.  We took them to get lunch at the mall, went shopping for books, and had icecream at McDonalds.  It was fun to see their personalities come out.  They are so sweet!

The day at the beach was a day that I will remember and cherish FOREVER!  It was the perfect day.  All our kids met for the first time.  Bonds were formed………………instantly!  I sat back many times and watched them play together.  Seeing God’s perfect plan unfolded was so incredible.  They truly are a perfect fit for our family.  Our kids were very happy to meet them and were very sad when we had to say good-bye.

Please pray that our subsidy paperwork will go through quickly.  We are hoping for our placement dates next week.  I am ready to have them here every day.  Saying good-bye is getting harder and harder.  Thank you for praying and for being so excited for us.


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