pictures of the birthday boy


This was on the 4th of July.  Eli found a DEAD worm.  He felt like he brought it back to life by floating in it sprite……since it was no longer crispy.  He carried it around for hours, much to his mothers dismay!


My two boys flexing their muscles.  This was them at their desks on the first morning of school this year.  Every day Eli says “can we go play school momma?”  He hasn’t figured it out that it REALLY is school and not just us pretending!  That shows how much fun we really are having with homeschooling.


My boys reading books.  Notice Everett with his backpack on.  If he sees it sitting out, he will wear it and REFUSE to take it off. 


Eli as Anakin from Star Wars.  This was his Halloween costume.


This was in October.  We went to visit their sister’s gravesite.  This is the first picure we have where all 6 of our kiddos are represented. 


Look at those eyes!  Love it.  The big guy next to him is pretty foxy too!  🙂


Last year at Halloween.  Love the earring.  (Jack Sparrow)

I think all the really funny ones are on Bryan’s computer at work………….I will track them down.

Also, Carol……I will upload some of all of us tomorrow or later today if I get around to it.

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  1. Jenny Lissonnet

    Thank you SO much for posting pics of my favorite kiddos! They continue to amaze me and bring smiles to my face!!! What precious angels!! I can’t believe that Eli is 5…time flies!


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