I have SUCH a sweet husband!

We slept late….too late for church!  ( I know, I know)

So, we were contemplating what we would do today.

My husband agreed to let me and my girls go out with my mom for the whole day.  No curfew…….well dinnertime at least!  🙂

As I sit here and write this my husband is cleaning all the windows and wiping and dusting all my cabinets!  He has already mopped my floors too.  This is NOT an unusual thing either.  He does it happily and without asking.  He just sees what needs to be done and does it.  Shocking huh! 

I am so grateful to him…………….not because he cleans……………………but because he loves us so much that he is always doing things to show it.

Off to play with the girls.  I just wanted to let the world know how lucky I am to be married to such a sweetie!


Evie hugging daddy telling him thanks.


Emma thanking daddy.

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