Many moons ago I spent some of my free time drooling over blogs where Annie Sloan chalk paint was used to transform furniture.  I knew I would love to try it.  I just never thought I would get around to it.  I then decided that all my free time was still spent on things related to the kids.  (homeschool planning, etc)  I figured I needed to start one project that was just for fun……and just for me.

I talked Bryan into letting me try 3 pieces:  a buffet, a coffee table, and a dresser.  We bought them through paypal on Craigslist and had them delivered.  I was CRAZY nervous to buy something I had not seen.  Thank goodness they were lovely.  The dresser had some water damage.  We ended up cutting the legs off a bit to remove it.

This french dresser was so sweet.  I immediately knew it was perfect for my daughter’s room.  She seems to think that animal print is a must.  I looked at this dresser and saw zebra stripes in it’s future.  I got my inspiration from a blog.  I will try to find it and provide a link.

Bryan was very skeptical of her charm at first.  In fact, my daughter hated it.  I just told her to wait and see.  She ended up LOVING it.  I do too!  If it didn’t have a soft purple tint to it I would need to steal it back for myself.

Here she is with a base coat painted in Paris Grey.  We taped the whole dresser top.  Then with a sharpie we drew out the zebra stripes.  I took an exacto knife and cut away the inside of my stripes.  Then came the Old White color.  When we removed the tape she looked so pretty.



Here she is in my girl’s room.  We applied a dark wax after the stripes were done.  The quality of this pic is not fabulous.  It came off my phone.

I can truly say that I am hooked.  There are too many things to be painted!



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  1. Kim

    This dresser is fabulous. You did such a good job on the top. Thanks so much for leaving a very sweet email. You must have the best patience ever to raise that many children!! Hope you will share your projects at my wow party some time.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!



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