Tie Dye Birthday Party

First of all I have to say that I have no idea how we got here!  How is my little baby girl already 11?

I wanted to plan something special for her and a few of her friends.  Birthdays are big deals in our house.  When you are apart of a large family you sometimes miss out on things.  We feel like birthdays are a great time to celebrate each child and make it extra special.  I decided this year (as one of my new years resolutions) that I was going to make an effort to make each birthday special.

We had SO much fun at this slumber party.  I decided since they wanted to make tie dye shirts that we would go with a colorful and rainbow theme.

Just getting started

6 boxes of jello with pretty clear cups

Thank goodness the kids thought it was a treat to blow up MANY balloons!

Cookies--if you are against food dyes...these are not for you!

The beginnings of our balloon rainbow--thanks to the handy hubby for the pipe

We taped the balloons on with packing tape. This was HARD. There must be an easier way!

Enlisted cute helper......who then got static balloon hair


Final touches


Starting the tie dye shirts


Soaking the shirts before adding the dye

Now for some dye! Messy = Fun

Sweet friends

Making memories

Facials with classical music and dim lighting (by their request)

Our finished product!

Only 2 more birthdays in February to go!  😉

Hope you enjoyed seeing our fun!










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  1. Renay VanVickle

    Great idea! Love the tye-dye theme! My daughter is a leap year baby and turns 16 (4) this year.


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