Adoption-The journey begins again…..

I am sure that most of you that know us will not be too surprised by this announcement!  For over a year we have been praying and seeking the Lord on this decision.  In late October we both felt a peace that God was indeed calling us to adoption again.  We had our home study done on October 27th and had the approved copy in our hands on November 12th.

This adoption will be our first adoption that will be a private domestic adoption.  We are hoping to adopt a baby or toddler with special needs.  We are on a registry that helps match pregnant moms of a baby with Down syndrome with adoptive families.  We have been on their registry for a little over a month.  We also are open to adopting a baby that has other medical issues or that may have had prenatal drug or alcohol exposure.  Please join us in praying that God will open and close doors according to His perfect will for our family.

Here is the link to the registry:


I won’t be able to share details of any adoption situation here on my blog.  We will post details after we are matched and have received our placement.

We are so excited to be growing our family again.  We can’t wait to see what little one God has for us.  All 10 of us are eagerly anticipating that phone call!

In the meantime, here are some fun pictures we just had taken:




  1. Grant

    I wish more people knew what the two of you are doing and have done. I can honestly say that despite issues I have in my life or frustrations I have on a day to day basis, seeing what both of you are doing keeps me grounded. Thanks for the positive website. -Grant

  2. Mary White

    Hi All:
    We were so glad to get your card and to see how each child has grown. We miss your being next door, however, it sounds as if you are all happy in your new home. The neighbors next
    door are always at work and never see them out. I’m sure they are nice – have only met them – have not gotten to know them.

    We are doing ok. My mother died in February of 2012 and my brother-in-law on Thanksgiving
    Day 2011. How is your mother doing – your Dad’s death was so sudden – I hope she is
    doing ok.
    Our Church had a group going to Israel and Bob and I decided to go – it was a once in a
    lifetime trip for us. There is so much walking and the weather in September was in the
    90″s. So much to take in – in a short amount of time. We truly cherish the memories and
    the fellowship of our fellow christians. The 12 hour plane ride was no fun at all – especially
    since we had a window seat and the middle seat – we had to ask to get up.
    God bless in your new adoption – will you have to get another vehicle to fit one more in?


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