Ezra-Our precious boy

Where to start?  I have MANY drafts over the last few months.  There have been many attempts to write down all that has transpired, but unfortunately I never got around to posting them.  The longer out we got, the harder it was to articulate all that has happened.

Let me start by saying that we are overjoyed that God blessed us with this precious one.  Ezra Luke Abel Wilson.  Isn’t he gorgeous?

Today, Ezra is back in the hospital.  He is on the vent.  We are hoping to wean him today.  It is looking very promising.

I think as time permits we will make posts that will go back to December.  We were called about Ezra right before Christmas.  We met him in January and signed our placement agreement on January 14th.  We have been in and out of the hospital.  We are hoping that today we have turned a corner and our on our way to recovery!

My current shift started at the hospital last night.  I plan to stay here through Saturday morning.  Bryan will do weekend duty and hopefully we can bust out of here after that!

I am filling my time praying over this little man.  I also have a HUGE stack of books that I am attempting to get through.  (when else will I have time)   If you have a good suggestion, let me know.  I also am reading up on what my Emma has been reading to prepare for our history discussion on Saturday.

I also am making our master school list for next year.  That in itself is mind blowing!

Continue to pray with us for complete healing of Ezra's lungs

Right when we got up to the PICU - Poor baby

They have just turned off the vent and turned on Cpap.  Hopefully he will do well and we can get this tube out today!  I am full of hope today.  He is having an amazing day.  The doctor in the hallway just referred to him as “Stable Abel”.

We will check in later.

Praise God!  He is so faithful and so good to be with us in our time of need!










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