So…..I guess I can’t say that the holidays are approaching…….Since they are here!  When did that happen?  My list to complete over these next few days is nuts.  I decided not to look at it to prevent stress.  Heck, lets just throw it away….

It is just after 6 in the morning.  At 6 my oldest daughter came down fully dressed ready to start her day.  I sent her immediately into my room to climb in bed with dad and pray that she will fall back asleep.  6?  Come on Emma….doesn’t she know that I get up at 5:30 every day so that I can have one FULL hour of peace in my day???  If I don’t have my time in the morning to pray, read my bible, think, drink my coffee ( while it is still hot), etc……..mommy can get moody.  Poor Emma, she is just so excited that cousins are here, that I know she couldn’t sleep. 

My sister, Lisa, is going back down to MD Anderson today.  She is starting the genetic testing.  It will take a few weeks to get the results in.  If she has a mutated gene that caused her cancer, her treatment will be more aggressive now and in the future.  It also will mean that my mom and sisters will have to consider the testing.  I am praying that she is negative.  She will not make any treatment decisions until we know these results. 

I feel like my topics are a bit random this morning…..Sorry!

Here are some “random” pics to go with my “random” talking:


Evie searching a magazine for Christmas ideas.


Doing our art homework.  They go to an art class on Wednesday.  Notice Eli getting frustrated. 🙂


Evie drawing a pumpkin car.


Zeke drawing a ????


Everett in his pilgrim shirt eating raisins.  Notice that they start off in the box.


Now they are sprinkled on the floor. …


Now that is so much better….I can eat them.


Emma….always with her nose in a book.

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