Covering Orphans with Special Needs

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my kids show the love of Christ, and I am so excited to share with you what my daughter is trying to do.

Over the past year or two, Emma has been learning how to sew, and just recently, she began quilting.  She started out making some small quilts for her sister’s dolls, then she got some tips from Lynda, a close friend of ours.

Since then, she’s spent quite a bit of time honing her skills and making various quilts, getting better and better with each one she makes.  She had become so good, that we had even kicked around the idea to start a business using her quilting skills, maybe on Etsy or something like that to see if she could raise a little money.

But those ideas just kept fizzling out.

Just recently, Emma made quilts for two sweet girls that were adopted internationally. Her heart showed up big time.  She used her own money to go and buy the fabric, and on her own free time, she made these two precious quilts.

During one of our family dinners, I was telling Emma how proud I was of her for showing Christ’s love to this family, and she had expressed a desire to make more quilts for orphans….and then it hit me.

Since our son Ezra was born in December of 2012, and after about a 6 month stay at the hospital, we had developed quite a few contacts within the hospital, so we decided to make a call to Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital – and see if there were any babies that Emma could make a quilt for.

We had heard of a couple babies in the hospital that didn’t have parents at the bedside.  These babies had some sort of special need – but because of HIPAA, we weren’t going to get any specific information about these babies.

We simply knew that there were orphaned babies – with special needs – all alone in the hospital.

I met up with one of the workers and took them a quilt that Emma had made – really seeking to find out how great of a need there was to fill.  I knew there was a need – but my goodness – I had no idea how great it was.

emmaHi, my name is Emma Wilson.  Last December, one of my mom’s really good friends taught me how to quilt.  I had been sewing for awhile and it was pretty easy.  I have made several quilts & didn’t know what to do with them.

My parents had just taken my brother, Ezra, to the doctor and they noticed a big need for the babies in the NICU @ MHCH to be given hope and love.  So we decided to start a ministry and make quilts for these babies.

Now I can do what I love and the abandoned babies would be given hope.  This is a great opportunity to show the love of Christ.

Thank you for helping me and these sweet babies.


So here we are, about to start a new ministry.  We’ve delivered one quilt and it is with a sweet baby.  When we saw this picture, we just melted.



Emma’s goal is to make 1 quilt a week.  That’s an incredible goal – but would you believe that the need is greater than that. MHCH said that they could use up to 10 a month.

Would you like to help Emma?  You can in several ways – I’ll post another blog with an explanation.


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  1. Jennifer

    I’m an adoptive Mama of 4 in the Austin Texas area. Your quilt ministry makes me smile! My oldest is a 29 week preemie (about to be an awesome 8 year old) whose birth Mom left him at the hospital, in a safe and medically secure place. He spent a month in the NICU before we were “matched” with him. The day we met our son he was this tiny little thing wearing a tiny hat and shirt. That hat and shirt were the only things he had; the NICU nurses “found” for him. It hurt my heart for him. The thought that he might of had a quilt to cover him brings me great joy. Three years later his little brother was born full term but also left at the hospital with nothing. They brought him home to us at 3 days old in a plain white onesie some one “gave” him. Other babies have been “expected” and “prepared” for for a good many months. A simple quilt could very much bring that same feeling for these babies like my boys. Thank you for your heart.


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