Covering Orphans – Quilting Costs

We made a trip to Joanns this morning to pick up some quilting fabric.  Emma picked up enough material to make approximately 8 quilts.

The quilts that Emma is making are approximately 24″x30″.  She uses two different patterns for quilt top, a soft fleece for the quilt back, and a nice silky binding for the border.

When it’s all complete, it costs Emma approximately $10 per quilt (on sale) – not including thread –  and of course, all of her hard work.  Emma’s goal is to start out making 1 quilt a week.

You can read more about Covering Orphans here.

If you would like to help Emma, you can purchase a gift card to Joanns or Hobby Lobby to help her with the cost of materials.  You can also make quilts for Emma to deliver to the hospital as well.

Purchase a gift card to Joann’s

Purchase a gift card to Hobby Lobby


  1. Kristin Thomson

    I want to help!! Where do we send the gift cards?

    1. Brandy (Post author)

      thanks Kristin! I will send you an email. God bless!

  2. Jamie Harding

    Hello! My name is Jamie. I live in Raleigh, NC. My sister, Ronda, lives in Houston and showed me your site. I saw that Emma makes quilts for babies in the hospital. Our mom was a quilter as well. She blessed many people with her quilts. My mom passed away a year ago last week. We have a room full of her quilting supplies including an abundance of fabric. When my sister showed me what Emma is doing for these children she knew that mom would have wanted her to have all this fabric. I work in health care and I know that what Emma is doing is such a blessing! I would love to find out a way to get all this fabric to her. Please feel free to contact me by email. Good bless!

  3. Jamie Harding

    SO I think my sister has already contacted you.


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