It’s almost been a week since Emma set her goal of making 1 quilt a week. Six quilts later and we’re telling her to take a break.  The last thing we want is for her to get burnt out. I was asking her how others could help out, other than providing material and money – and she told me the hardest part of the process is cutting the squares.  So, if you would like to help Emma with some of the labor, here is what you can do: cut some squares.

  • Each quilt is approximately 6×7 squares. (42 squares – 21 of each pattern)
  • Each square is 5″x5″

quilt2 quilt1 Emma wants to say “Thanks” to everyone that is praying for her and helping out.

.. and if you don’t wan’t to cut squares, but would like to help out financially, you can find out how here.

Here are the others that just need binding…

quilt6 quilt5 quilt4 quilt3

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