Dissection #1: Echinoderms

This evening we got to do our first family dissection.  Starfish.

Before we began, Evelyn and Zeke were pretty apprehensive – but once the starfish was out of the vacuum sealed package, it wasn’t all so bad.  I may have even learned something today…


Zeke says that the most unique thing that he learned today was about the water vascular system….hmmm.  I coaxed him into that one.  Evie thought the stomach was pretty interesting.  It acts like a parachute.


Zeke is cutting into one of the starfish’s rays.


Evie’s turn cutting into the starfish.


Evie is literally holding the gonads of the starfish.  We had to look at these under the microscope to determine the sex.


And this boy…having a little too much fun.

Below are some of the items we used for this experiment.  The starfish was out of a dissection specimen kit from Home Science Tools.


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