Let’s Start Again

2015 Family PictureI am often asked if I have a blog when I meet new people.  I hesitate to say that I do because I truly never write anything (years can pass without an update).  I think about it often, but always feel like I need to have something profound to say to make it worth the effort.  I then realized that the blogs I liked most truly just followed the everyday life of the people that I felt a connection to or that I admired in some way.  So, I am going to attempt to not overthink everything anymore and just try and share the unique life we have with you.  Our sermon series at church right now has led me to look for opportunities to share Jesus with those around me.  I know that just the dynamics of our family alone opens the doors for conversations about the gospel and how Christ adopted us into His family.  I pray that sharing our dailyness of life with others will point to the goodness of God.

For those of you that don’t know us personally or well here is a very brief synopsis of who we are:

Bryan and I have been married for 17 years.  We have 10 children currently-6 boys and 4 girls.  (I have been telling the Lord as we pray for future children that the girls are greatly outnumbered)  Our firstborn daughter, Elaine, went to be with Jesus in our first year of marriage.  She was stillborn.  That heartache and loss was the catalyst that God used over the years to draw our hearts to the fatherless.  Over the years that loss has also shaped our hearts to trust God and His sovereignty.  We have learned, even through the death of our beloved daughter, that God is good and His character can be trusted.  That trust has led us to say “yes” many times to God knowing that He has gone before us.

We are a homeschooling family and follow a classical education model of study.  We have used Tapestry of Grace curriculum for many years.  I could spend hours telling about how much we love it and how it has changed our homeschool!  Our children range in age from 15 years-8 months.  We are truly parenting across a wide spectrum of milestones right now.  (Driving to diapers)

We get asked so many questions.  I thought answering those might be a good jumping start for me to get back into sharing on this blog.  So ask away.  Leave a comment here on the blog or on my Facebook post sharing this post.  Whatever you have been curious about, just ask!

I also wanted to mention that my oldest, Emma, is going to be joining me on here.  She has a ministry called Covered.  She donates quilts she makes to special needs children with no family at the bedside to Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital.  That is the hospital our Ezra lived at for the first year of his life.  God has done HUGE things with her ministry in the last few months and she is excited to share that with you later this weekend.

So fire away with the questions and go love your people well today!

God bless!


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