Questions Answered: The Cost of Adoption

I honestly don’t think I have had a conversation about adoption without this topic coming up, and I’m certain that many people hesitate to adopt due to what they believe it will “cost”.  Yes, adoption does cost money.  However, there are ways to adopt with very little up-front expenses.

My heart is feeling a huge tug to write about why you should adopt a child through foster care – I can sense and feel you hesitating.  Many people are hesitant about foster care because they feel that they could not love a child and then see that child leave and be reunited with family.  The loss would be more than their heart could handle.  Well, from experience, it IS more than you can handle.  It is hard, messy, lovely, beautiful, exhausting………………..but, it IS worth it.  If I am honest I would say that God used the removal of children from my life (the death of our daughter AND foster kids going home) to draw me closer to Him in a way that I don’t think I would have experienced without so great a loss.  God has proven himself faithful to me as I walked through the grief of loosing a child that you loved and poured your heart in to.  He was so faithful in fact, that we continued to do it over, and over, and over again.

We were licensed foster parents from 2004-2011.  Six of our eight adopted children were adopted from the foster care system.  The cost to us was very little, financially speaking.  In fact, when it’s all said and done, the cost to adopt is almost ZERO.  There were some expenses in the licensing process, but they were minimal.  And those were almost all reimbursed post adoption.  To find out more about the requirements to become a foster parent in Texas, click here.

If you are considering becoming a foster parent, or would like to adopt a child in foster care, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.  More than anything, I would love to pray with you while you seek out if this is the path God is leading you to!  If you live in my area, I invite you to attend a fellowship group with me once a month at my church.  It’s a great place to come if you are a foster/adoptive momma or if you are just starting to pray about adoption. It’s also a neat place to see adoption represented in the lives of women.  Come and ask questions and get encouragement no matter where you are in the process.  Sometimes you just need to take one step towards something to really see if God is leading you in that direction.

If He has laid adoption on your heart, pray and ask Him what He is asking of you. God is faithful to open and close doors.

Evan & Ezra

Private adoptions and international adoptions do have fees associated with them as well.  Our youngest two, Ezra and Evan, were private domestic adoptions.

We heard about both boys after joining NDSAN  (even though our Ezra has spina bifida).  We used a private agency for the placement of both boys.  The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network states that the average cost of an adoption of a child with Down syndrome is around $12,000.  That is just about what our total expenses was for both boys, and what we would save/fundraise for in terms of future special needs adoptions.  I know you may look at that number and feel like it is a stumbling block.  Please don’t let the enemy use money as a reason for you to not pursue adoption.  God will provide.  Many of you that are reading this post provided for our adoption costs.  THANK YOU!  We were so humbled to see you join us and support us financially when we were matched with our boys.  My dear friend Casey has the most remarkable adoption story with her Abel.  God literally fully funded his adoption in a matter of days.  It was so awesome to watch and Abel’s adoption gave me the courage to step out in faith in terms of trusting that God will meet every need during our adoption journey.

No matter the cost.  Even if your fees total over $35,000.  Trust in the Lord.  He is able to do immeasurably more that you can even imagine.

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