Covered Ministry: If I have not contacted you yet…

Hello friends!

If you have given me your information and I have not responded, I apologize. I lost a few forms that some of you filled out or I lost track of time and haven’t gotten your materials to you. I am going to try my hardest to be more organized this year, I promise!

I will be answering all covered related emails on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. If you have not been contacted by me or have been contacted by me and haven’t gotten your materials yet, please let me know and I will answer the following Tuesday or Thursday. Also, if you live in the Cypress area, and need materials please let me know. I will be bringing materials to and picking materials up from Cypress volunteers once a month.

You can reach us at*

Have a nice weekend!


*please mark all covered related emails as important so that they do not accidentally go to my spam box and so I can reach them easier. Thanks!

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