Adoption Fundraiser: Best of Evie Kate Baking Basket

Best of Evie's Baking Basket

Hi family and friends.  I am so excited to share this fundraiser with you and the amazing family that will receive the blessings that come from your donations.  Let me start off by sharing that the money you donate will be given to Michael and Samantha Emert.  The money raised will be used by them to adopt a child.  Isn’t that the best?  Oh-and it gets better!  God has given them a heart to adopt a child with special needs!  Their hearts are drawn to children with Down syndrome, but what’s so great about the Emert’s hearts are that they are open to any disability too.  I am so proud to be their friend and walk with them in this journey.

Let me introduce them to you and share a note Sam wrote to you:


  1. Jana White

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  2. Julie J.

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  3. Kat Sojka
  4. Kat Sojka

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  5. Randi Renee Graves

    Donated and shared on facebook, praying you all reach you goal quickly <3

  6. Kat Sojka

    What is the facebook page where you’ll be doing the live video?

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